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"The perfect school is a building with four walls and an open ceiling."

Leonid S. Sukhorukov

Independent Schools In The United Kingdom 
It is increasingly obvious that interest in the values and merits of independent education in the UK has spread to all four corners of the world. Independent schools were founded on the need for discipline, motivation, tradition, high standards of personal behaviour. British boarding schools pride themselves on their high academic reputation, excellent academic results, broad curriculum, wide range activities outside the classroom, small classes, good discipline, multinational atmosphere.

With 2000 independent schools in the UK, the choice is complex and exceptionally wide. There are boys' and girls' schools. Many are entirely mixed or co-educational. There are junior, senior and all-age schools. Some schools are in or near towns and cities. Others are set in beautiful countryside. There are schools entirely for boarders and schools with a mixture of day and boarding pupils. While some schools have particularly high academic standards, others cater for a wide range of abilities and have more flexible entry requirements.

Making the Right Choice
The right choice depends on the academic abilities and personality of each child, as well as the child's cultural and social needs. Because there are so many factors to consider, overseas parents need expert help to find the right school for their children. Windsor Education consultants visit hundreds of independent schools on a regular basis. During these visits they speak to staff, pupils, parents and keep themselves up to date with the main developments in education. With this enormous bank of information and experience, detailed knowledge of the British educational system, a comprehensive portfolio of independent schools, Windsor Education operates a successful School Placement Service to suit your child's specific needs.

School Placement 
Entry requirements range from school to school - some require to register your child at birth, others have more flexible terms and conditions and accept pupils on the basis of an introduction from Windsor Education, pupils' academic records and their school report. Some schools only admit pupils for 2 year or more, whilst others accept them for just one term. Some schools require every student to attend an interview or take the school's own entrance test, others are more flexible.

Though most schools have EFL departments and cater for all levels of English language proficiency including beginners, some require fluent English from the start. In order to offer the best advice, we need to be provided with detailed information about your child. Please contact our office for free consultation and complete Windsor Education Application Form. The earlier you apply, the greater the chance for us to secure a place at the school of your choice. Some of the most prestigious schools require applications at least 1 or 2 years in advance.

Windsor Education assesses capabilities, strengths and weaknesses of every prospective pupil to identify the selection of schools for the parents to choose from and handles the complicated application process. We establish the availability of places and the necessary entry requirements. We will take care of every detail, prepare necessary paperwork and pass on to the school all information supplied by the parents. We can arrange school visits, interviews and language support if required. However, for overseas students, successful education depends not only on the right choice of school, but also on the constant and careful monitoring of all aspects of their stay in the UK. With that in mind, Windsor Education provides professional Guardianship Services and guidance to ensure a comprehensive and balanced education for your child.

Leonid S. Sukhorukov

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